Saturday, June 18, 2016

Travel Log: Days Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Nine, Thirty, and Thirty-One

Saint Petersburg, Russia 6/11-15/2016

        So, it's pretty obvious I got really behind on these daily blogs. I'm currently at home in Iowa, a few days after getting back to the states, and, especially since Saint Petersburg was so beautiful, I'm thinking it'd be better and easier to do a 'picture blog' for our time in the Venice of the North:
Saturday: Train compartment!
First Stop: Peter's Gardens
Saint Petersburg Eternal Flame
Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
One of the Many Canals
Sunday: The Winter Palace

Monument by the Winter Palace

Little Concert in the Russian Museum

Monday: Catherine's Palace!

Inside of Catherine's Palace

Semi-Illegal Photo of the Amber Room

Selfie in Catherine's Gardens
Tuesday: Last Day! Lenin's Old Offices
Memorial at the Site of the Mass Graves from WWII
Sunset View (12:00 AM) From the Top of St. Isaac's Cathedral
Statue of Peter the Great

Waiting for the Raising of the Bridges (1 AM)

A Beautiful Last Day
Wednesday: The flight home ended up being pretty great

Iowan Sunset; finally home, on the way to camp
A Post-Russia Culver's Malt!

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